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​單頻道錄像 Single Channel Video  3'30"




“Has a section been censored? Who censored it?”

“Not sure, maybe he censored it himself.”

  The Internet holds many decentralized features including the fact that there isn’t a centralized control unit for the rapidly developing cyber space, and Internet protocols are not privately owned by any specific commercial company; however, due to the advent of social media and mobile devices, various platform providers have slowly taken over the control of the Internet, including content censorship and privacy invasion, with the ideology of “all people are equal online” beginning to perish.

  This artwork seeks to use various new media in the post-Internet era to reinterpret social events or phenomena that originally could have been deduced by a singular perspective. Evoking medium misplacement through motion simulation created with computer animation, with absurdity and parody used to examine today’s increasingly flattened homogenized culture. Playing automatically in a loop, the approach implies an eternal truth with incessant and repeated sections of time.

Final_0526 (0-00-36-20)拷貝.png
Final_0526 (0-01-15-06)拷貝.png
Final_0526 (0-01-49-13)拷貝.png
Final_0526 (0-02-49-09)拷貝.png
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