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攝影:理毛 衍生式影像:葉廷皓

新媒體藝術創作與教育者,擅長程式動態影像、實驗聲響與表演藝術。作品多聚焦於聲音與影像之間的關聯,融合預製與即時發生的事件,以錯誤美學為出發,企圖尋找屬於新媒體時代的諧擬與辯證。大量參與台灣實驗聲音場景活動,如超響、失聲祭。除了個人作品之外,也參與舞蹈與劇場製作。例如一當代舞團的《Loop Me》、《ReMove Me》與《W.A.V.E》,Naxs Crop.涅所開發的《Render Ghost》。2013起與姚仲涵組成Audio-Visual 團體HH。目前為實驗音像推廣團體「噪流」現任負責人,並獲選臺中國家歌劇院2023-24駐館藝術家,同時在多所大學相關科系兼課。


  • 2023 臺中國家歌劇院 駐館藝術家

  • 2023 國立臺灣美術館 光影藝術節 - 數據光景 共同策展 with 邱誌勇

  • 2022 國立臺灣美術館 U108空間 - 潘朵拉幻象– 迴聲震盪 展覽/演出 with 謝賢德

  • 2022 大港開唱 盧律銘 配樂現場 絕代風華 視覺藝術/即時影像

  • 2022 台南月津港燈節 - 光流 沉浸式音像空間裝置

  • 2022 實驗音像音樂祭 - 瀰音 DiffuSound Vol.2 與失聲祭共同策劃

  • 2021 北藝大曼菲劇場 - 夷希微的凝視-共感科技演出計畫- 舞蹈劇場/現場即時影像

  • 2020 FUTURE VISION LAB - 衍聲像 音像現場演出 with 賴宗昀

  • 2020 桃園科技藝術節-當然耳 - 幻象共鳴 沉浸式音像裝置

  • 2020 鳳甲美術館 - 潘朵拉幻象 沉浸式音像演出 - 影像設計

  • 2020 臺中歌劇院 夏夜光音祭- 衍聲 戶外建築投影音像演出

  • 2019 實驗音像音樂祭 - 瀰音 DiffuSound 與失聲祭共同策劃

  • 2018 C-Lab Creators進駐計畫 - A/V衝刺班—實驗聲音影像推廣計畫 系列工作坊策畫

  • 2018 國立臺灣美術館 數位方舟 - 聯覺共振 策展

  • 2018 國立臺灣美術館 數位藝術創作案 - 每個人心中都有段被刪 個展

YEH, Ting Hao

Yeh is a new media artist and lecturer who works in the field of creative coding, immersive visuals, experimental sound and performing arts. His works mostly focus on the relationship of sound and visual, heading to integrate prefabricated and instantaneous events, starting from glitch aesthetics, and attempting to find harmony and dialectics belonging to the new media age. Participate extensively in Taiwan’s experimental sound scene activities, such as TRANSONIC, Lacking Sound Festival. In addition to his solo works, he also participates in dance and theater productions. For example, "Loop Me", "ReMove Me" and "W.A.V.E" by Yilab, and "Render Ghost" by Naxs Crop. Since 2013, he has formed the Audio-Visual duo HH with YAO Chung-Han. He is currently the head of the experimental audio-visual promotion group “Fluid Noise”, and concurrently teaches in relevant departments of many universities.

Recent works and experiences:
  • 2023 National Taichung Theater - Resident Artist

  • 2023 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts - Light and Shadow Festival - Scenery of Dataflow Co-curated with CHIU Chih-Yung

  • 2022 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts U108 Space - Pandora Illusion: Echoing Oscillation Exhibition/Performance with Xie Xian-de

  • 2022 Megaport Festival- Lu Lu-ming Composition Live Unsurpassed Beauty of a Generation Visual Arts/Live Video

  • 2022 Tainan Yuejin Lantern Festival - Optical Flux Immersive Sound and Visual Space Installation

  • 2021 National Taiwan University of Arts ManFei Theater - Eyes of the Extinct - Co-sensory Technology Performance Project Dance Theater/Live Video

  • 2020 FUTURE VISION LAB - Derivative Sound and Visual Sound and Video Live Performance with Lai Tsung-yun

  • 2020 Taoyuan Science and Art Festival - Imagery Resonance Immersive Sound and Visual Space Installation

  • 2020 Honggah Museum - Pandora Illusion Immersive Sound and Visual Performance - Video Design

  • 2020 National Taichung Theater NTT-FUN Lights On, Sound Aloud - Derivative Sound Outdoor Architectural Projection Sound and Video Performance

  • 2019 Experimental Sound and Video Music Festival - DiffuSound Co-curated with Lacking Sound Festival

  • 2018 C-Lab Creators Residency Program - A/V Sprint Class - Experimental Sound and Video Promotion Project Workshop series planning

  • 2018 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts - Digi-Ark - Chromesthesia Resonance Curated

  • 2018 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Digital Art Creation Project - Everyone Has a broken censor in his mind Solo Exhibition

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