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Yeh Ting Hao

Yeh holds Master of Fine Arts from the Centre of Arts and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts. His works showing the relationship between sound and visual also participated in many Taiwan sound scene such as TranSonic , Lacking Sound Festival. He is one of the very few Taiwanese artists who are capable of image programming , post- production and animation. Besides his own work, he has been participating in dancing and theatrical production throughout Hong Kong , Berlin , Paris ,Boston and Lisbon. He is currently a member of  HH.



2012 MFA Program ,Department of New Media Art, TNUA

2006 Department of Applied Arts,FJU

2000 Chemical Engineering Department , CYCU,ex


2012「Heineken Dream Space」New Media Art Award, Selected, Taipei

2012 「Outstanding Art Prize of New Media Arts Department」, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei

2011「Digital Art Festival Taipei」Digital Music & Sound Art Selected, Taipei

2009「Digital Art Festival Taipei」Interactive Installation Selected, Taipei

Solo Exhibitions

2011 「The Universe of Harmony」Digital Art Center, Taipei

Group Exhibitions

2013 「Psy-Borgrait」, Reaching Beyond: Taiwan Artist Actions, Boston University George Sherman Union, Boston, USA

2012 「Cosmic Consciousness」, 「TechArt Serious – Digital Installation Exhibition」Quanta Arts Foundation , Taoyuan, Taiwan

2012 「Psy-Borgrait」, 「Tremble. Movement. Perception: The new horizon of Taiwan New media art Exhibition」, K11 Art mall, Hong Kong, CN

2012 「Phenomenal Voice」, 「THE AVANT/GARDE DIARIES – TAIPEI  A Voice」, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan

2012 「Psy-Borgrait」, 「Heineken Dream Space Awrad」, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan

2012 「I Wanna Be Your Psy-borg」, 「Outstanding Art Prize of New Media Arts Department」, Kuandu MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan

2011 「Is Protest Legal at Street in Macau ?」, 「Digital Art Festival Taipei」, Bopiliao Historic Block, Taipei, Taiwan

2011 「Education Is No Waiting」,「【People’s Republic of China】- Republic without People」, KAOHSIUNG MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2011  「I Wanna Be Your Psy-borg」, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts -Digiark,Taichung, Taiwan

2009 「Education Is No Waiting」,「Soft Revolt」, VT Art salon, Taipei, Taiwan

2009 「Simulatautomaton」, 「TranSonic-Sounding Object」, Galerie Grand Siecle, Taipei, Taiwan

2008 「Cybernetic」,「Beijing Digital Entertainment JAM」, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing, CN

2008 「Beijing Summer Digital Entertainment Jam」, Selected, Beijing, CN

2010 - present

2010 - present

Solo Live Performances

2013 「Ghost in soft shell」,「Risk Society」Opening Performance, Taipei MOCA, Taipei,Taiwan

2012 「Endless Night」,「On Site」, Taipei artist village, Taipei, Taiwan

2012 「CraftWeak Lite」, L.E.A.P. , Berlin, DE

2012 「CraftWeak Lite」, Wombbloc Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2011 「Unighost」, Wombbloc Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2011 「Reiruof」, LSF45, Taipei, Taiwan

2010 「Digi-Horror Movie」, Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2010 「Yeh Ban」↑↑↓↓←→←→BA , SCU Arts Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2010 「Yeh Yen Bo」, Lacking-Sound Festival , Nan Hai Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2009 「Empty Flow」,「Breathing Sounds」 , National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taichung, Taiwan

2009 「Craftweak」,「Transonic 2009」, Digital Art Center, Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

2008 「Captain Zombie」,「Borderline.Mirrorlike」, Whashang Art District, Taipei, Taiwan

2008 「Cybernetic Brothers」,「Transonic 2008」, Guling St. Avant-Garde Theatre, Taipei,Taiwan


2013 「Threads」, Taipei Digital Art Festival , Eslite Performance Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

2012 「New Vision Liyuan – Automated Marionette Project<Hsiao Ho-Wen>」, Etat, Nangang Bottle Cap Factory, Taipei, Taiwan

2012 「Loop Me」,Mapping Festival ,YiLab, Genève, Swiss

2011 「W.A.V.E」, 2011 Huashan Living Arts Festival, ,YiLab, Huashan 1914 Creative Park,Taipei, Taiwan

2010 「Loop Me」, InShadow – International Festival of Video, Performance and  Technologies, YiLab, Lisbon

2010 「ReMove Me」, YiLab, Guling St. Avant-Garde Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan

2009 「Funky Light Opening Performance」, Digital Art Festival Taipei, The Red House,Taipei, Taiwan

2009 「Loop Me」, KUANDU ARTS FESTIVAL 2009, TNUA, Taipei, Taiwan

2009 「Loop Me」, Guling International Theatre Festival, Guling St. Avant-Garde Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan

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